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Geek of the Week, Vickie Eisenstein

Geek of the Week:  Vickie Eisenstein

Comedian, Actor, Improviser, Writer, Filmmaker, YouTuber, and more!

who-is-vickie-eisenstein-nerd-question-770x515Vickie Eisenstein is originally from the Chicagoland area, but she’s prone to fits of wanderlust. After graduating from Cornell University, she left the U.S. for greener pastures in Taiwan. In the aftermath of gaining 20 pounds at the Shilin Night Market, she decided she knew enough Hokkien phrases to supplement her Mandarin, and left for the GREENEST PASTURES: Seoul, South Korea.

In Seoul she found a sprawling metropolis of concrete, soju and pretty flower boys. While studying Korean at Yonsei University, she became a D-list celebrity on the Korean TV show Misuda. That opened the gates to token white girl fame, as she went on to host travel shows, star in cheesy reenactments, and wonder wtf everyone was saying around her while taping various talk shows. She also pretended kimchi was too spicy for her to eat during multiple filmings. It’s a tough job, confirming national stereotypes, but somebody’s gotta do it – and she’s that woman.

At some point, she took a detour to spend a year in LA pursuing fame, glory, and a tan, but she still managed to return to Chicago only pale instead of vampiric white. In Chicago, she has devoted herself to the pursuit of the most serious and highly valued of all the arts: comedy. She collected scholastic jewels to add to her pretty princess crown, graduating from The Second City’s conservatory and writing programs, as well as programs at iO and ComedySportz. (Check out her online resume!)

As of late, she has been slightly preoccupied with building a small, but mighty internet content empire! She writes, directs, produces, hosts, act ins, and markets all of the video content on her YouTube channel! However, she still gets out of the house and all around the Chicagoland area to perform, improv, standup, and sketch comedy live. Feel free to take a gander at Improvised Jane Austen’s Website.

Want to say hi? Ask a question? Collaborate? Get in contact with me!


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