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Throwback Katherine Kennedy of Autodrone

We mentioned Katherine Kennedy of Autodrone back in January 2012.

Autodrone is an NYC-based band that formed in the latter 2000s. They combine songwriting that draws upon the five members’ psychological damage, morbid interests, and broken hearts with influences drawn equally from 70s psych rock, 80s post-punk, and 90s shoegaze. From this miasma, they have forged a sound which is uniquely their own.

It is dark, powerful, emotive, and akin to a nervous breakdown during a bad acid trip. Please enjoy their new CD, This Sea Is Killing Me, coming in late 2015.

The Way Way Down:

This Sea Is Killing Me (forthcoming in 2015)
Strike A Match (2008)

Associated Acts:
Psychic TV, Unto Ashes

Katherine Kennedy
Jeremy Alisauskas
Angel Lorelei
Terry Taylor
Markus Fabulous

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