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Fashion Friday, The Bigger Blog

Fashion Friday by Josine and The Bigger Blog.

About her from the site:

My name is Josine and I am the founder of This is a website with realistic photos, shopping addresses and information focussing on curvy girls and size diversity. As a producer developer in the fashion industry I’ve worked for several women’s brands. Most brands focus on the mainstream sizes so that’s why I decided to show you how it looks on a bigger size.


With my blog I hope to inspire all girls who can use some expertise when it comes to shopping their shape. Hopefully I can also motivate you in loving yourself, just the way you are. On a regular basis you can read new blogs about fashion, trends, beauty and lifestyle.

Who am I? I’m a Dutch girl living in a small town near the big cities Amsterdam and Haarlem. I am 1.70 m tall, wear a size EU 46 at top and a size 48 at the bottom, unless otherwise mentioned. I’ll only show you photos I have made myself, unless otherwise stated. All opinions are mine, even if the post is sponsored.

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