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Sweet Luly

Site of the day, is Sweet Luly from Brazil

29246204735_7b6e943094_oHello, hello, I’m Luly! My name is Luciana same, but not remember it, almost everyone calls me Luly same. I’m 26, I live in Belo Horizonte, I graduated in Conservation and Restoration UFMG and in my life Coca Cola, hugs and Disney cartoons can solve – almost – no problem.

I am a person who LOVES those several things, hardly I “like” something. My passions list contains Harry Potter, all the Disney universe, music, movies, dolls (scale 1/6, mainly), dogs, books, intelligent humor, makeup, internet, pleasantries of life and some … “Nerdices”. I started blogging at thirteen and never stopped, write this here since 2004 and initially it was almost a “diary”, but over time has been changing and maturing, now use to tell you all about my day-to-day that related to these subjects of my interest. What really motivated me to start with it was to have where to write, which I love, and it is still what motivates me today, I think I will continue to write it here if anyone read. This year I finished my first novel I want to see published, and other various head and Word files, but that’s a topic for another time …

Also since 2004 I have a website, the Express Rosa , who do not update much for lack of time, step in there to show my bindings when you give. Also I am vice president of Potter BH Club , Harry Potter fan club in Belo Horizonte which started in 2011 and is active today organizing meetings, launches, private events and movies.



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