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Site of the Day, Forever it Will be

Our site of the day is Lana and the site Forever It Will Be.  Also check out her YouTUBE channel.

image6Forever It Will Be – I’m Just Me: is about Life, Beauty & Fashion as well everything inbetween. The blogger that you see above is a one-of-a-kind!. She is outspoken, sarcastic and honest. She speaks her mind.

She’s a very unique woman who’s also not ashamed to be who she is. There are some topics that you will stumble upon that are in Everyday life that has to do with being trans but she is so much more than just that.

Check out Baking for awesome and oh so tasty recipes.

She loves beauty & fashion and loves when she gets a great deal you will find beauty products as well clothing reviews in this category Everything Beauty & Fashion.

All of her favorite topics are listed below just click each category and you will be brought to each section.


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