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Site of the Day, Florence Rockwell

Our site of the day is Florence Rockwell.  Check out all her travel adventures on her blog

About her from her site:

Founder of the Rockwell Project

Founder of the Rockwell Project, Florence created the platform and market place to bridge the gap between content creators who have amazing knowledge to share and the skills / technology it takes to share that with the world.

  • Helping Others
    Florence was determined to create a business model that would ensure others would benefit and success would be shared. Helping students learn esoteric course content, and content creators publish their courses is what we do!
  • Accessible Technology
    Learning management systems and platforms often require heavy development or customisation and often cost close to $100k min.  The Rockwell Project makes LMS technology accessible to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Student Management, reporting and student community are now affordable and easy to set up!
  • Community
    Acting like a book publisher, the Rockwell Project is able to build a community of content authors and help them create beautifully curated digital content for their audiences. As a market place platform that also provides design, animation, and multi-media services – it’s the little things that set publishing with the Rockwell Project apart from the rest.

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