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Geek of the week, Veronica Nagorny

Veronica Nagorny is our Geek of the week,  Booktuber, author and artist.  Also check out her store on Society 6

14324643_718962418256590_4851065597643579989_oi’m a leaf-crunching, plaid, hopeless romantic, uk-keyboard-using, gaming, grunge-styling, duck-loving, artsy, melanie martinez-obsessed, leather-clad, photo-taking, floral, poem-writing, bookish, blushing, nerdy, anxiety-fighting, japan-dreaming, drawing, animation-watching, animal-cuddling, crafty, rose gold-lusting, tattoo-craving, hungry, over-emotional, beatlemaniac-y, paranormal-absorbing, punk wannabe, reddish, combat boot-wearing, green tea-drinking, video-ing, thunderstorming, too-squishy, people-loving, storytelling, stationery-addicted, strange, confused, creative-ish mess  but that’s me  and sometimes there are fun bits in my life that i shove onto the internet  as well as some not so fun bits  but they are bits nonetheless  so therefore  welcome to me  and my life  hehe  p.s. i am accepting book review requests :)
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