Our Geek of the Week is  Autumn Boucher and her site GypsyBeee.com

Autumn Boucher is a stay at home mother of three, homeschooler, and lifestyle blogger with an eye for design and a love for holistic and authentic living. She is also a certified birth and postpartum doula operating in the St. Louis area.

Gypsybeee.com started in 2012 as a partner to my vintage shop and a way to connect to my customers and vintage lovers alike. This space quickly grew and changed to cover many of my interests from knit and crochet, to art, design and beyond. As my blog content changed so did my blogging experience. Gypsybeee.com became a full time business for me and helped me to stay at home with my little ones while still fulfilling my personal love for design and social media. In 2014 I used my skills as a social media enthusiast and did work for a local clothing franchise as their head of social media marketing. After that experience I took a break from the web to focus on family but returned in 2015 to start an entirely new journey. Now this space is for inspiration, family, motherhood, holistic wellness, and everything real, simple, and honest.