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Geek of the Week: Camille BethuneBrown

Our awesome Geek of the Week is Camille BethuneBrown.  Her website is here:

About her from her site:

Hi there I’m Camille Bethune-Brown. I am a Washington DC based, Curator, Digital Storyteller, Public Historian, and Researcher.

Throughout my curatorial work, I  have exhibited and researched hundreds of key figures in modern US African American historiography and culture focusing on 20th century stories of remembrance.

When I’m not doing African American History I’m also a digital experience junkie…

As an experienced museum curator and digital storyteller and strategist  I’ve worked at the intersection of integrated marketing, branding, design, social media, web, e-mail, mobile, and multimedia content strategy for modern and contemporary art—making museums and cultural organizations more accessible through technology. I’ve explored and developed the role of stories and storytelling in community cultural development.

Immersing myself in different cultures and trying unexpected things allow me to create a connection with others and to understand the ways to positively impact the world. Using my love for these experiences, I create personalized designs and products that I hope to inspire the curious mind.

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