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Geek of the Week, Ali Wong

Our Geek of the Week is comedian Ali Wong.  Check out her upcoming tour dates on her website and see her on Netflix

From Paste Magazine

Ali Wong started performing stand-up in San Francisco slightly over a decade ago. In that time she’s taken two noteworthy breaks: the first, for two weeks during her honeymoon five years ago; the latter, for six weeks after giving birth to her daughter this past November. She passed a number of other milestones in those ten years, moving to Los Angeles, nailing roles on NBC’s Are You There, Chelsea? and ABC’s Black Box, and landing her current gig as a writer for Fresh Off the Boat. She got married, was named one of Variety’s “10 Comics to Watch,” and in September recorded her first special—while seven months pregnant. Now she’s back to performing at least four nights a week, down from her usual five. Baby Cobra, which Netflix released today, is more than the product of a carefully honed craft. It is an unusual portrait of transition: from young adulthood to adulthood, single life to marriage, marriage into motherhood. It is also the first network special to feature a deeply pregnant comedian, which is not a gimmick but a very practical undertaking. Wong refuses to slow down for the simple reason that slowing down, especially for a woman and mother in Hollywood, is the first step in a long fade to obscurity.

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