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Fashion Friday, LollyLikesFATshion

Our fashion blogger of the week is Scotish blogger Lolly and her site LollyLikesFatshion.

lollylikesheaderAbout her from her site:

I am a plus size woman that does not feel ashamed of my body. I am happy in my body and no longer buy into the diet industry/culture. Since finding body positivity and peace with my size I have found happiness like I never dreamed possible.

My blog is mainly about my love for fashion with lots of #glassesporn and a bit of lifestyle and anything I fancy really. I am PR friendly and have reviewed a range of items over the last 3 years.
Feel free to contact me if you would like to
Work together.

Family is most important to me and I am engaged to a wonderful caring man that will become my
Husband in the Summer of 2016. We have a beautiful miracle baby boy Franklin who is the most joyful soul I have ever met.

Feel free to message me and ask about posts or anything really at
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