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Fashion Friday: In Love with

Fashion Friday by German blogger Yasmin and “In Love With“.

About her from her site (translated by Google):

am Yasmin, 24 years old and I have blogge since August 2012 on Inlovewith. I am a Lehramts student in from Halle at the Saale and blogger beside, in order to live out my passion for fashion and all the beautiful things of Frauseins.

I am a very enthusiastic person, sometimes too perfectionist, always try to be optimistic about challenges and just enjoy life in his many facets. This passion for life, all the nice sides like traveling, good food, nice stuff, portable suitcases, pretty DIY ideas, secrets from my make-up box, cool shopping, interesting thoughts I would like to share with you here. It is important for me to share my joy for all of these things with you, to build a community where you can inspire and inspire each other. At the same time, however, I would like to write down more and more profound thoughts on occasion, which can provoke pondering and in some form surely encountered each of us. Inlovewith is more than just fashion and superficiality. A personal place where, while the aesthetic aspects are at the forefront, they should not give a perfect impression. I am a young woman, like you, with dreams, desires and loads of everyday problems and just try to create a personal, small oasis of exchange here. I would be glad to welcome you as a regular reader and look forward to the exchange.

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