Girls with Glasses | Fashion Friday, How to be FancyGirls with Glasses
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Fashion Friday, How to be Fancy

How to be Fancy by HEATHER WHITSETT | Introverted cat lady with an extrovert’s style. Sharing everything I know about fashion, beauty and authentic style.

About Heather from her site:

Here’s My Story.

Hi, I’m Heather! A small town Texas girl, I grew up loving horses, high school football and books. Oh, books. It’s quite possible I loved reading more than people as a kid (ask my little sister…I ignored her for hours to catch up with Nancy Drew). In fact, it was through reading that I discovered fashion – BSC’s Claudia was my style icon in 4th grade. If you’re the type who likes to snoop, you might be interested in watching my First Time video. Lots of (not so) juicy facts there about my younger days!

Now days, I’m married to The Boy, who is pretty much the coolest person I know. We have two fat kitties that like to sleep, eat and cause general destruction to the house. I love that my job lets me be creative – and also involves lots of shopping, making and coffee-ing.

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