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Fashion Friday: Chic on Thrift

Merci Jowi is our Fashion blogger this week.  Great site out of Kenya! Chic on Thrift


Hi and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Merci Jowi. I am a Kenya based blogger with love for fashion and positive vibe. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and a Certificate in Electronic Publishing. I own a stationeries business and besides that I also do vegetable farming specializing in collards, spinach and black eyed peas.

CHIC ON THRIFT is my personal style/fashion blog that I started on 25 November 2013. The blog has grown with worldwide viewership. I have also had a chance to review complimentary outfits for Bonobos men’s wear for their suits.

The blog focuses on making thrift purchases and putting together outfits that make you look glam on a budget. I am excited about the future of this blog and I look forward to seeing you around.

Thank you for stopping by.

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