Girls with Glasses | Fashion Friday, Bourn SistersGirls with Glasses
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Fashion Friday, Bourn Sisters

Hattie Bourn of The Bourn Sisters, An awesome Fashion/Lifestyle blog


The Bourn sisters are Mallory and Hattie Bourn,

Mallory is a 24 year old English lit graduate, a fashion enthusiast with a love of interior design, currently based in London with her partner Joe and their daughter Blythe.

Hattie is a 21 year old with a professional background in hair and beauty, with a love of exploring the world she is currently based in Bristol with her partner Korey, they are expecting their first child.

With an extra special bond it seemed natural to work together on a project they are both passionate about, and so Bourn sisters came to life. They hope to share with you their tips, ideas, insights and attitudes on all they love whilst combing their two unique approaches to fashion, beauty and lifestyle

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