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Chic Geek of the Week, Whitney

Geek of the week, Whiteny of Macarons and Mischief. A ver cool beauty and lifestyle blog.

I’m Whitney and this is my personal blog on all things lifestyle- beauty, fashion, food, and anything else I find interesting. I live in Richmond, BC though I normally say Vancouver; not many people know where Richmond is!  Macarons and Mischief started out as a food blog, but when I was shopping for makeup, I found myself online reading reviews and spontaneously decided that I want to write something for people to read as well!

I didn’t discover the beauty of concealer, the wonder of eyeliner,  and the luxe of a Dior lipstick until 19 years old and have been hooked on since. Apart from experimenting with beauty products, I like to dabble in fashion and post my outfits. Food and coffee is another thing I live for, so expect to see pictures of that throughout my blog and Instagram!

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