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Brown Girls Museum Blog

Site of the Day: Brown Girls Museums Blog (BGMB) is an online platform and consulting agency, created with the objective to promote the visibility of people of color in museums, and to support emerging professionals in the humanities.

In 2015, during grad school at a networking event, we learned that we both had a desire to lend our voice to the field, both as an outlet and a resource for those coming from marginalized communities navigating unfamiliar territory. As two brown girls our paths to museums is a reflection of the communities we come from, and the radical shift in politics that must occur in order to support those communities as scholars and museum professionals. Our approach to the museum field is guided by our academic interests in critical theory, performance studies and cultural geography. It is through the blog that we discovered this intersection with Amanda’s work on trauma and healing performed by Latinx communities, and Ravon’s steering her towards conceptualizations of blackness that are renegotiated in the digital landscape among Africana communities. With these interests, Amanda applies her tech savvy skills to being our CTFMB (Chief Technology, Financial and Marketing Boss) and PR guru. Ravon channels her obessesion with live-tweeting Scandal and perpetual search for a good dramedy series on YoutTube for our social media and content strategy, and creative direction.

Read more about our story in an interview with Creative Capital here.

Amanda Figueroa is a PhD candidate in American Studies at Harvard University and graduate of the George Washington University and Mary Baldwin College. Her academic research examines the use of art and performance in antifemicide activism at the El Paso-Cd. Juárez border. With Brown Girls Museum Blog, Amanda advocates for the inclusion of Latinx and other minority experiences within museums and other cultural institutions. She can be found on twitter @akfigueroa and instagram @joandidion.

Ravon Ruffin is a D.C.-based museum consultant and creative. She received her M.A. in American Studies/Museums & Material Culture from the George Washington University, and B.S. in Anthropology from VCU. Urban sustainability, digital culture and Black Feminist discourse are the lenses through which she seeks to redefine the museum as a community space. She is interested in the acts of self-preservation social and digital media platforms inspire. She twitters @ravon_ashley and grams @afroxmericana.

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