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Okay, right. I'm supposed to be writing an article. Or is this a column? I dunno. Whatever. I'm writing words for you, Internet, read them and love them and validate my as of yet seemingly poor decision to double major in English and Mass Communications. Anyway, I guess we should get to know each other: Hi. I'm Mk. [caption id="attachment_391" align="alignright" width="225" caption="MK"][/caption] I'm 22, and still in college because I have a problem with the whole keeping my grades up thing. (I'm incredibly lazy. I admit it. I'm working on that.) I'm supposed to be writing about film and television, and was basically told “anything goes.” At first I was all “Awesome! I can write whatever the hell I want!” Unfortunately, that was only awesome until I tried to actually write something and soon began to panic, being at a complete and total loss for any shred of an idea, so I guess this is going to be something we figure out together. In the meantime, here's something only vaguely relevant: If you spend any time on Tumblr, you may have come across the gender-swap meme, wherein the people who make all those pretty little graphics you see all over the place take a popular film or television show and re-cast all the main characters with actors of the opposite gender. One particularly insomnia-plagued night, while well-into a Stargate SG-1 marathon, I was pondering the idea of a gender-swapped cast, and immediately and effortlessly found ladies to be my Daniel/Danielle Jackson and Teal'c/um.. lady Teal'c? The hard part was finding my Boy-Sam Carter and Jack(ie) O'Niell. I am not one to let go of something difficult, even if it's trivial especially trivial shit like this, so I pretty much thought of nothing else for a good 48 hours, before finally striking gold when I thought of a male Sam and a female Jack just about at the same time. (See! Insomnia and obsessive fangirling do pay off once in a while!) So here's what happened: