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Big Love on HBO

Big Love on HBO co-starred Bella Thorn and the awesome Bill Paxton (RIP), you will be missed.

As if juggling three wives weren’t tricky enough, Season 5 of Emmy©- and Golden Globe-nominated ‘Big Love’ finds modern polygamist Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) tackling problems outside his three-house suburban home – and in public. Bill has built a new church and got himself elected to the State Senate, but some of his loyal followers are skeptical, and the media’s glare isn’t helping things. It appears unlikely the family will extricate themselves from the politics at the Juniper Creek compound now that Alby Grant (Matt Ross) is in charge. The power struggles between first wife Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn), second wife Nicki (Chloë Sevigny) and third wife Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) continue. And then there are the assorted family dramas involving the growing pains of Bill’s eldest, Ben (Douglas Smith), Nicki’s daughter, Cara Lynn (Cassi Thomson), their father Frank (Bruce Dern) and mother Lois (Grace Zabriskie). Bold, funny and wholly original, ‘Big Love’ continues to explore the evolving institution of marriage through this typically atypical family.


Teenie Henrickson is Bill and Barb’s third child. Unlike her older siblings, Sarah and Ben, Teenie scarcely remembers her family’s former life. She was just a baby when Nicki joined the family, and she is closer in age to her younger half-siblings, Nicki’s boys Wayne and Raymond, than she is to Sarah and Ben. Because of this, she sometimes doesn’t understand how different the Henricksons really are; when she nominated Barb for Utah’s Mother of the Year, it nearly caught the attention of the state’s Attorney General. With an independent spirit and mind of her own, Teenie is often an inadvertent trouble-maker.


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