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Our Story

Launched our site in 1997 inspired by Lisa Loeb from the video “Stay” proved that geek is chic by being the first site to feature all-original pics of fun and fashionable four-eyed femmes.

Since then, we’ve evolved to become your smart source of information, featuring media reviews, tech tips and feature articles from our corrected perspective:

cool chicks who rock glasses.

The site has gone through many changes over the years.  November 2013, we launched the new version to the site with a new wordpress template allowing us to order generic Cialis make it easier to update and more user friendly.  Website should work on your smartphone or tablet as well.

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Our Team

Dani Martin
Visual arts/Photographer/Music Correspondent

Dani, aka GirlAfraid, started out as a model for GWG in 1998 in a little club called Shrine of Lilith in San Francisco. She then realized she had a knack for photography and begin shooting models for the site. She took over managing this site from 2005 to 2013 and is now running where she does PR/Social Media and Photography. In 2016 she will be the music correspondent bringing in news and interviews on bespectacled bands, artists and singers.

Dani was a great person to work with. She went above and beyond her job description to assist you.  Her quick and willingness to learn shows me that she’s a great team player. She’s a great addition to have on your team.” ~Rully

Dani has a can do attitude and was always ready to go the extra mile. She has a great work ethic and it’s been a pleasure working with her. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.” ~ Kimberley

Lisa Ammon
Stylist/Fashion Assitant/seamstress

Lisa, Profile coming soon,

Darren Walker


In October 1996, Darren had a vision, and it all started with his love for girls wearing glasses.  Believe it or not, he started this whole craze mostly because of Lisa Loeb! He saw her video for “Stay” and thought she was the most beautiful woman with glasses he’d ever seen

November of 1997, when he purchased the domain name and the site was born.

Today Darren is the main photographer for this site and runs